Build friendships!                       Learn dance styles!    

All staff members of the studio are professionally trained and have a tremendous zest and love for dance.  Our staff is dedicated to providing all our students, young and old, with dance knowledge and instruction.  Their enthusiasm spreads in class as they offer the finest dance education in a challenging, creative, and highly supportive atmosphere.  The world of dance is stronger than ever and we want you to be a part of it.  Come see us and join the fun!
Centerstage....."A Place To Call Home"

Over 100 years of Dance experience combined
Cheryl Moeller-Director/Instructor

Miss Cheryl has been sharing her love for dance and mentorship with students at Centerstage for 29 years.  She is the wife of Matt Moeller and mother of 2 sons, Mason and Logan.  You can hear Cheryl saying "family comes first" whenever there's a question arising.  Her beliefs spill over to her employees, whom share their passion of dance and family values.  Cheryl continues to support local charities, wherein she has given much of her time becoming involved in helping others.  Each year she offers dancers, from the tiniest performer to our adult-age body movers, a chance to apply for a Centerstage Scholarship.  Centerstage also gives a yearly $500 scholarship to a chosen high school or college level student (doesn't have to be a dancer with Centerstage) who has taken the opportunity to turn in a Inspire Scholarship Application. Throughout the years her offerings are worth thousands in combined cash, free classes and studio scholarships.
Heidi Hernandez-Instructor

Miss Heidi has been with Centerstage since their doors opened in 1988.  She specializes in young dancers but has fun with all ages, especially adult tap.  Her expertise and knowledge of choreography for these two complete different ages is amazing and always stunning.  Miss Heidi wants all ages to find a love for dance and music.  Her own love of dance shows in every classroom with her full enthusiasm and genuine excitement for every child.

Miss Heidi always greets each child with open arms and a generous smile.

Centerstage will always be her home!
Courtney Richardson - Instructor

Courtney has been dancing since the age of two and competed for 18 years. She enjoys teaching jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop and especially tap and has experience with students ages 2 - 80’s! Courtney has been a teacher at Centerstage, both competitive and recreational, since 1997. She also has four years of experience teaching dance at S&R and seven years of experience owning Elite Dance Force (her own studio).  

Courtney lives in Dixon with her husband Matthew and daughter Jordan. Jordan started dancing at Centerstage just weeks before her second birthday.  

Courtney says, “Even though I have a family and a career, dance will always be a passion of mine. My favorite part about teaching is being able to watch kids grow throughout the years. It’s amazing to see kids challenge themselves and me every week and grow up to become such wonderful young adults.
Michelle Dewey - Instructor

Michelle began dancing at the age of 3 and has never looked back. She has shared the love of dance with daughters, Sydney and Kennedy by enrolling them with Centerstage at the young age of 2. Sydney is a thriving young adult, working at Tru Smiles in Sterling full time and part time in Centerstage office.  Kennedy is pursuing a college degree in athletic training at Loras College in Dubuque.  

Michelle loves being able to help children realize their passion for dance, teaching is more rewarding than she could ever have imagined.   She also enjoys spending time working in the Centerstage office helping Violet, Cheryl & Lori.  

When she isn't at Centerstage, Michelle is involved in the community with various organizations, Immanuel Lutheran Church and following the sports teams of DHS. Michelle proudly coaches DHS cheeleading.  She and her husband, Terry, reside in Dixon.

Kennedy Dewey - Instructor

Kennedy is in the process of obtaining a degree in athletic training from Loras College.   She started dancing at the young age of 2.  Becoming a trusted and respected instructor for Centerstage.  She has been involved in both Centerstage Competitive Teams and S&R Competitive Teams.   She was named Miss Teen Legacy and was named runner-up Dancer of the Year at S&R in 2014. She enjoys being able to share her love of dance with younger students and watching them express themselves through dance.​

Miss Kennedy is always a delight to have helping at Centerstage.
Molly Jacobson - Instructor
    Molly has been a part of the Centerstage family since she was 2 years old. She has danced competitively for a total of 17 years. By the end of her competitive career she was lucky to be dancing with a sister studio S&R Dance. Molly spent a year out in Los Angeles furthering her career in dance by taking classes at Edge Pac. As of now Molly lives in New York obtaining a Double major in Early Childhood Education and History at Hofstra University. To continue her dance education she takes dance classes at Hofstra and in New York City. This past January Molly was given an opportunity to work for Celebration Talent Competition and traveled many weekends across the country during the competition season. Molly enjoys choreographing, teaching classes and supporting her students any chance she can here at Centerstage. “ I am inspired by my students everyday. We can always learn something new and it doesn’t always have to be from our elders, children can teach too.”
    Molly has had many opportunities while competing. She has won runner up dancer of the year at Celebration Talent Competition in 2013. Has been given scholar ships to work with top choreographers out in LA, was offered contracts for Stiletto Cruise line and Movement Talent Agency, along with other opportunities.
Kayla Bowlin - Instructor

Kayla has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She competed for 17 years with Centerstage and 8 years with S&R Dance in Freeport, IL. Kayla recently lived in Los Angeles where she was represented by The Movement Talent Agency. She attended auditions, took class at Edge PAC and Millenium Dance Complex, and was a member of a company called Dixon Dance Co. Now Kayla travels the country every weekend working and assisting with Celebration Talent Competition. While competing, Kayla was lucky enough to win many awards/scholarships and obtain many wonderful opportunities. She was crowned Dancer of the Year in 2012 and 2015 at Celebration Talent Competition, was titled Miss Showbiz, Miss Legacy, and Miss Masquerade, received the Brittney Dixon scholarship and Inspire scholarship at Centerstage, was Dancer of the Year at S&R Dance, she was Guest Star Icon, and Producer Icon at Hollywood Connection, and received many other scholarships and awards. Kayla says, “I am beyond blessed to be sharing everything I have learned throughout my dance career with the kids at Centerstage. I love seeing dancers who have the same passion as I do grow into beautiful dancers and human beings. They inspire me to no end and I love having a part in their dance education.”
Hello! My name is Danielle Campton, I am 24 and have been with Centerstage since I was 10 years old but started dance lessons when I was 3. I am so excited for another amazing year with Centerstage! Every single one of my students owns a piece of my heart. They make everything I do worth while. Because of them, I can proudly say that I have the best job in the world! Watching them grow into beautiful young men and women, conquer their challenges, exceed their goals, and put in such hard work makes me so very proud! Albert Einstein once said, "We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams." To all my kiddos, keep dancing and keep creating your dreams! Love Miss Dani 😊