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The Company

All staff members of the studio have an enormous amount of love for dance that they want to share with upcoming generations. Their enthusiasm spreads in class as they offer energetic dance routines as well as teaching students about technique and vocabulary. Our young students love the colorful dance space that they get to giggle, learn, and move in, while older dancers enjoy the bonds they make and the music that inspires them. Call or stop into the office to get a tour of our beautiful building and watch a class. We'd love to see you soon!


Centerstage History

In 1988 Cheryl opened Centerstage Dance Studio on the corner of First Street and Ottawa in downtown Dixon, the same building where she had studied dance during her high school years with Stardance Academy which was owned and operated by Sherry Morgan.

    Centerstage quickly outgrew this space and Cheryl found a ballroom to educate her students.  Centerstage Dance Studio became home to 109 South Peoria where the move upstairs provided a large wooden floor and open space with enough room to construct two dance rooms for her students.  This unique, historical Dixon building was once Wasley Livery Service where the basement was used as horse stables.  The upstairs was formerly known as Rosbrook and used as a dance hall with Big Bands filling the air with their music.  Cheryl's grandfather, Bert Boseneiler, often played saxophone there.  Later in years, during the 80's and when Cheryl was a teenager, this building was known as Nickelodeon Record Store and upstairs was Rosbrook Teen Hall, hosting local bands for teens on Friday and Saturday nights.  This building was awesome for Centerstage, but again enrollment was growing.

    In May 2000, Cheryl moved Centerstage around the corner and upstairs to 306 West First Street, currently known as Stage Left Theatre.  This large and beautiful building provided Cheryl's students with three dance rooms, an office, costume room, storage room, waiting room for parents and best of all, air conditioning!  The building, with its original oak doors and archways, panelled hallways and beautiful wooden floors previously hosted the Masons and later, American Legion.  Many parties, wedding receptions, Cub Scout meetings and community events were held here.  Once again, Cheryl's ancestrial tree came into play, her maternal Grandfather, Russell Williams, was employed in this building when Palmyra Insurance occupied the main floor.

    In 2013 thanks to Krystie Jones, Matt & Cheryl purchased Centerstage's current and final home from Doug Schuler.  The building was origionally owned by Eyelet Products.  When the Moellers purchased the building (built in 1967) it was being used as a storage unit with an upstairs apartment.  Cheryl's vision soon put Matt to work with demolition to the apartment and an addition for an another dance room plus hallway.  The remodeled building houses three dance studios, three bathrooms, an office, a waiting room, student areas for their book bags, shoes and coats and multiple closet spaces.  There is also a large outdoor building for props.  Some other improvements Matt & Cheryl have done are landscaping, building a back patio, putting in a blacktop parking lot which used to be gravel, and most recently replacing some windows and metal siding for the outside making the building more energy efficient. 

    In 2015 Centerstage Dance Studio became Centerstage Dance Company and is home forever.

Now A Little Bit About Cheryl -

    1983 - Graduated from Dixon High School, passionate for teaching dance but decided to attend Nursing School at Sauk just in case she needed a full time job or something she could fall back on.

    In 1984 Cheryl started teaching dance at Sunshine and Rainbows (now known as S&R) in Freeport under the direction of Mary Berryhill.  Mary, with her wonderful and kind ways, was very influential and helped Cheryl learn everything she would need to know to begin and run her own studio.  Thank you Mary.

    In 1987 Cheryl began her dance career teaching a group of toddlers in Doug and Diane Farly's home.  She also started dance instruction at Camp Reynoldswood where she was employed as Camp Nurse.

    Cheryl choreographed many local performances, such as My Fair Lady, The Music Man and Godspell.  Her favorite musical artist is Prince, choreographing many dance routines to his music.  She once attended Prince's concert, dressing in Prince attire and loving every moment (while expecting her second son)

    Cheryl and Matt are celebrating 20 years of marriage September 26, 2018.  They have two sons, Mason, currently attending college and Logan heading to his first year of high school next semester!  You should see what this family does all the time - boating, exercising, baseball, plays, skiing, many, many local events, they attend Dixon fundraisers and are always willing to help anoyone, but their most favorite is getting together and speding time with family and friends. 

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